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Every Saturday, 2-3 PM, we have a LabFest for our Labs (breeds other than Labs are welcome). This afternoon we had 8 dogs (6 Labs, 1 GR, 1 GS).

Several months ago, the DD & SIL of one of my neighbors had bought 2 brother yellow Lab pups, Cabo & Mac, now about 5 months old. My neighbors asked me for advice re: that & I asked the JL board and passed on to them the JL recommendations that they be raised apart. So my neighbors suggested to their DD/SIL that they (the parents) keep one of the brothers (they already have a YM, 4 years old) and they took Mac.

Today their DD & SIL & Cabo joined us; Mac and Cabo were delighted to see each other and spent alot of time playing bitey-face and running after each other -- but they were also sociable with all peeps and other dogs.

At the end of our hour, we were all walking back through the park towards the lot where we'd parked our cars and passed near the remains of what had been a larger puddle caused by recent rains. Water was as much as 8" deep and mud? -- probably about 4".

All of us called our dogs to us, to keep from having a wet dog with us in our cars going home. All of our dogs obeyed -- except the pups, brothers Cabo and Mac.

Cabo & Mac kept running from one end to the other, delightedly splashing, over and over. They were having so obviously having SO much fun, we couldn't help but keep laughing, sharing their joy. Finally, enough "new" must've worn off because they both came back, no longer yellow Labs but a new, charcoal gray color. :D

The parents had driven there with Bucky & Mac with them in the front of their PU truck. For the trip back to the parents' home, Bucky and 1 parent rode in front, the 2 brother Labs -- headed immediately for a shower -- rode in the truck bed along with the other parent holding them to make sure neither jumped out.

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