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Psssst Allie...

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Who is this Cocoa character I see in your sig picture and where did she come from? (lol) I feel as though I've missed something...fill me in please :)
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Ooooh....well, she is Denny's dog. She lived with Denny's mom and grandmother for awhile, but his grandmother doesn't like the dog hair....so cocoa is probably staying with us for awhile. Thought I'd add her to my sig. Denny rescued her in 1996 so we're not sure how old she is...but she was probably 2 or 3 then. :)

I know I'm not incredibly observant all the time but that threw me for a loop lol.
lol, no problem...I didn't really introduce her anything, so don't feel confused!
Doh! I just thought it was an older pic of Teddy.

She's awfully cute!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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