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Our black lab Dutch is now18mos old. We live in sunny, and warm, So Cal. About 4 weeks ago Dutch started to itch almost uncontrollably, coninciding with the start of the hot summer here.

Our previous black lab, Cody, had the same problem every hot summer.

We've tried blood panels to control for allergens in diet, shots, supplements, cold packs on their tummies, darn near everything we can think of to stop the itching. Nothing works other than a little Benadryl which leaves him with droopy eyes all day.....that's no good.

It was 95 degrees today and poor Dutch just itched himself all day. We put him in bath tub and soak him down....that helps a little, but 30 mins later, when he's dry, the itching is back.

Any suggestions out there? Could really use a bone here.....


Karl & Dawn....
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