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Pre Novice

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Well, I'm going to give Remington a shot at Pre-Novice. Hopefully he'll pay more attention to me than he has in the Rally classes :)

Any words of advise from anyone? We need all the help and practice we can get :) Keeping our fingers crossed he won't pee in the ring at this show!
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The three minute down caught me off guard (in Canada you just do a 30 second sit-stay) so watch out for that. ;)

And I think there was a stand for exam, whereas in Canada it's sit for exam. Other than that, mostly just LOTS of heeling.

Have fun!!
I know it's the same class as the CD, but all on a 6 foot leash. I wish we could do a real recall because that is one thing he really excels at. He comes flying to me with a big ole goofy grin on his face and does a nice front and finish too. Doing it on a 6-foot leash really looses something!

He's doing sits and downs well off leash with some of my students dogs, so there's hope :)
Well, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it a title class now, like the grad basic and grad open?
I don't know Pat. Is it? Anyone know?
Pre Novice is not a titling class..

Good luck..have fun and remember to breathe you've been through this before..
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