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After Lucky's surgery the vet said to take her on 4-6 mini walks a day, and he was just thrilled how much she was already using her leg.

Since Thursday she has been favoring that leg again, putting no weight on it whatsoever she's been keeping it tucked up when she's up and about. I'd had worries about keeping her calm because she wanted to run and play so much...now she's staying in her crate with the door open. She comes out to eat, get a drink, and have me take her outside. The walks now consist of pee, poop, make about half a laps worth around the yard and she's ready to go back in and lay down.

Should I be worried about this or is this just part of her healing process?

Also she still has a LOT of swelling, she saw the vet thursday and she said the swelling is to be expected for a while, think I could put some ice on it for comfort for her?
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