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Poppy just scared me to death!!

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Poppy and the kids were playing in the late afternoon sun, when i suddenly noticed her pawing at her mouth. My first thought was something stuck in her teeth but there was nothing to been seen, my second thought something stuck in her throat but i could not see anything. Visions of a huge vet bill were going through my head when i spotted what was giving her the problems....she had a small stick stuck across the roof of her mouth. So i forced her mouth open, placed my hand inside and twisted the stick to get it free. I have only just stopped shaking!!!
So todays lesson is....always check garden for small sticks before letting Poppy out to play.

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omg! that would have scared me too!
I'm glad she is ok
That happened to Tucker once. Thank God we were right there to get it out.
I'm glad Poppy is OK. I love that name, by the way. :)
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