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pinch collar??

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we have a chocolate lab who is 6 months old and walking him by myself is impossible. he weighs 50+ lbs and is very strong. we have heard some good things about the pinch collar but have seen pictures of it and it seems kind of scary looking. has anyone tried this and had it work? the trainer that we have heard of recommends this so i would like some feed back on it.
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I bought one, used it for awhile ...... then went back to the regular 'choke' collar. I didn't see that many 'differences' and using the prong collar bothered me.... jmo.
the pinch collar is amazing!!!!!! i recommend it to anyone having problems with walking their dogs. bailey is actually walking beside us now instead of pulling us down the road. we still have a ways to go but it is great so far.
I use the snoot loop by gentle leader. Works like a charm, but is a must to put it on correctly in order for it to work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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