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pickpocket caught red-handed

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Judy is not only a countersurfer extraordinaire, she's also a pickpocket. In the past I have caught her going through my purses looking for anything edible in there, but today after our walk, I caught her with her head stuck in my coat pocket. I keep treats in my coat pocket for our walk. Of course, I got the camera before freeing her from the pocket:
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:: Miko tries to help Judy come up with an excuse... :: Sorry Judy, you're busted good this time.
Its that she 'nose' you have treats there, her nose tells her!

A few of us at the DP often have some kibble in our pocket. i.e. HK occassionally needs something to keep her mind on following me out and into the car.

We call ourselves the nose testers. We identify dogs that have noses that work, verses those that have noses that don't work. I should keep track of the statistics, but I believe somewhere around 90% of the noses work. The ones that don't work belong to dogs that probably don't measure 10 inches at the shoulder. I think their noses are too low to detact the kibble in our pockets.
LOL just too funny and CUTE! :)
Oh now wait, she thought there was a piranha or something equally vicious in that pocket and was just trying to protect you. You wouldn't want a piranha to bite you now would you? Yeah, yeah that's it!!!
Now that is funny. Glad you captured it on camera!
That's a riot!
I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this...
it was a setup! judy would never... i mean, you can't even tell which dog that is. the face is totally hidden. must have been some other yellow lab that broke into the house, stole the treats, got his/her photos taken, and then made a clean get away. it's all circumstantial evidence. those photos would never hold up in court.
Judy, you're not going to like being in jail. No puppy cookies there.

You better reform your ways now!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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