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Photo Explosion Software from Nova (Computer peeps)

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I just bought Photo Explosion to play around with my pictures. I had no trouble with my old computer & XP. This new one has Vista and even my Adobe Photoshop Elements program is screwy as far as saving the picture. Now I installed the new software but it will not let me open any of my pictures to play around with. I imported them to the album. I keep getting an error message "invalid project" and also several other ones.:mad:
I actually did read the first part of the manual & followed the instructions . I will call their tech support tomorrow I guess. Sure hope I didn't waste $49.99. :(

Maybe it me.....I think all of you know I am not the most knowldegeable around computers. I have though installed programs & they actually worked. :D Thanks for letting me vent & any advice I will be happy to take.
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Georgie, I don't know much about this stuff either, but maybe the problem is the format your photos are in when you import them.... probably .jpg?
Maybe the program wants something else that you have to convert to like .bmp or .png or some other? Just a wild guess.
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