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One for the WTF? files. :eek: These guys should change their name to PITA. Funny, every time I hear a PSB song, I get this terrible urge to run off to the nearest pet shop & buy another cat or dog. :rolleyes: MORONS! :mad:

PETA has asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name as part of a publicity stunt to oppose pet stores.

The animal rights group wrote to the band requesting they change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys in opposition to the "cruelty" of pet shops.

"Most dogs and cats sold in pet shops are sourced from profit-hungry breeders who may have bred them in cramped, filthy conditions," the letter said.

"Most pet-shop animals are kept in cages or runs that are far too small for their needs.

"Exercise is minimal, and they often never leave their cages until the day that they are sold."

In a message posted on the band's website, the Pet Shop Boys politely declined the bizarre request.

"(PETA) has written to Pet Shop Boys with a request they are unable to agree to but nonetheless think raises an issue worth thinking about," the message says.

Under the name Pet Shop Boys, the duo of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe became famous as pioneers of electronic and dance music.

They are best known for their 1984 single "West End Girls".
PETA is known for its attention-grabbing campaigns, including one comparing the slaughter of animals to the Holocaust.

Even some supporters of the group seemed to think its Pet Shop Boys request was silly.

On the official PETA website, one person called the campaign "ridiculous".
Another asked if the group was going to go after US rock singer Meatloaf next.


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PETA are extremist morons.
Worse than that, they are a few getting rich and sending mindless drones out to do their bidding, that makes the upper level folks lower than whale ****.
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