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I saw The best sign ever in one of our little mom pop shops at the counter. " If you are on your cell phone, I will not wait on you"

There is nothing more annoying than someone gabbing on the phone,fumbling for their money and asking the cashier to repeat the total because they were to effing important to hang up.

Cashiers on their phone sends me through the roof.

What really annoys me is what the hell do people have to talk about all friggin' day. Seriously what is so goddamn important that it can't wait? Texting! The ultimate bullcrap feature. I have a perfectly good functioning TELEPHONE in my hand so I type you a note? Pretty lame if you think about it. "Well I text so and so because they might be busy at work" Super lame excuse. If some one is working then they should be too busy to read a text or take a call. Especially if I'm signing their checks! If they have time for 20 texts and 8 personal calls a day then I'll make them part time. End of story.

Rant over. Love the technology, hate the abuse, especially in a place of busines.
I agree to a point, I never text or talk on my phone in a place of business or while driving, just won't do it. We have no landline so our cell phones are the phone everyone calls, but when we answer it is our choice. That being said, I talk to people all day at work and would much rather send a quick note to someone then get involved in a long conversation. For that reason.... I love texting:D
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