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Bailey's paw pad is all red, the pad on top near her dew claw (not sure if that pad has an actual name). I live in a townhouse, so I do not have a yard. In order to keep her exercised I take her on two 45 minute walks and I take her to our fenced in tennis court to play fetch (as long as no one is in there playing tennis) daily. Yesterday, after we came in from playing fetch she was licking her paw, more than normal. I took a look at it and saw the pad on top was red and no longer dark brown as it usually is. Last night she was walking slowly and licking at it. Today she seems better, but still a little slow. She is actually holding her nylabone now and last night she was trying to chew it without holding it in her paws (which I must say was funny to see her try to chew the bone and she just kept moving it across the floor).

My question here is how long does this take to heal and is there anything I should do to help the healing process? We did not go on our walk this morning and she was sitting by the door waiting for our morning walk, but I thought it might be best to give her paws a rest.

Should I cut back on her exercise so this doesn't happen again? I found this to be the amount the tires her out and keeps her behaving.
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