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Outrageous neglect case from MI...

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Earlier this year, 6 dogs were pulled from a Roscommon home after severely being neglected and starved. The county never pressed charged against the man who owned the dogs. And the county went ahead and re-issued a kennel licence.

Read about Thor's story here: http://www.thorswarriors.com/

Let's get them to re-think allowing this man to ever own labs again.
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Poor Thor

That's sheer stupidity.

I tried to email but the site keeps closing down IE7 for some reason
Dani, Thor's Warrior just joined over at the other board. He is asking people to visit the site.
There really is not enough kleenex in my house for that story. That is just unbelievably horrific and sickening and sad.
The pictures of that poor dog...words can't even describe. I am disgusted.

And the man has new kennel licence?? what on EARTH is going on?? the world has gone crazy. That sick SOB should be thrown in jail for abuse and neglect. I feel sick just reading that. :mad:
That is so sick! I cannot believe that man was issued a kennel licence! That picture of Thor is heartbreaking.
This is so sad and sickening. It took awhile to read it all, about all the dogs. :'( This guy's great for pursuing this, and getting the whole story out.

It's just hard to believe, and maddening, that a kennel license was issued again.

I've sent an email to other lab owners with a link to the website. They'll forward it on to other owners, too.

How many of us can send letters to the Atty. General, and Senator and Representative? Lots!
What's appalling is that they issued him a new kennel licence. So he can continue abusing dogs.
I most certainly will post the link around.
that really pisses me off. i hate people like this. have you guys ever seen that movie or that documentary of that guy that went undercover at that kennel? i forgot what it was called but that was the saddest thing i have ever seen
I'm going to send this to my Mom for her to send around to the members of her rescue group. The more people who know about this, and the more voices that are heard, the more the state will have to punish scum like this, instead of rewarding them with renewed businesses.

What was that jerk even doing with these labs, not breeding them, right? I mean, I never would have believed any creature could be starved to that point and survive.

I'm going to go hug Mickey now, and give him a big fistful of treats... :'(
That just...well there are no words. Why did they issue this guy a kennel license? And I cannot understand what anyone gets out of torturing animals this way.

I think they need to chain this guy to a pole and let the same fate befall him that he is inflicting on these poor dogs.
The people that live in that community, need to pay their local city office a big visit, and insist on knowing WHY he was given an other kennel permit. Don't they have state statutes that give authorities the right to periodically inspect kennels? Most states do....... and why there were no charges files..... that is unheard of.

I just read through everything on the site. Time for Terry MacKillop to get severely and publically fired, and for Asst. Prosecutor Robert Bennett to get the boot too. I'd like to see the turd and his filthy b*tch mother shoved in a crate, starved and beaten to within an inch of their lives, and I'd like the other to a-holes publically flogged. Barring that, she needs to serve a little time for filing a false report at least, and her bottom-dwelling son needs to go up for at least 2 years per dog. AT LEAST. Never mind the fact that he shouldn't be allowed to own even as much as a fricken' seamonkey ever again.

Stories like these make me want to grab my field hockey stick, gas up the car, and take a looong drive. :mad:
I just can't bear to look at this now, but I will later. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will write, but it will be more effective if local folks get angry and demand action.
This is appalling! I am glad to see a local celeb do what he can to bring this case to the public. You better believe I will be writing a letter.
:mad: :'( :mad: :'( I'm at a loss for words. Those poor poor dogs. But at least someone stepped up and got them the hell outta there. This is so sad...

This will be interesting right down to the end for the people involved. Law officials to politicians...who's paying off who????? asshats
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