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We went to the outdoor cinema last night (Fri night) to see Marley and Me and we decided to bring Milly along.

It was great fun taking her!!! She was super well behaved, sniffed and greeted a few other doggies and did alot of head tilting at the screen when Marley barked during the movie *so cute!*

She also drew lots of attention from kids and others and graciously sat for petting and gushy comments. Tail wagging non-stop the whole time.

She crashed out on the way home too ... I think it was slightly exhausting for her. It's a whole different type of social forum for her compared to doggy parks/house visits and she took it all in with her usual enthusiasm and interest for everything.

Gosh - she's just SO easy to love. :) OK. I'm done boasting now. :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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