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Our Severe Ice Storm (kinda)

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Well, for North Central TX it was nasty. :crazy:

After two days of 25 degree temps, the pond by our house partially froze. Some of the newer ducks had never seen ice before and it was hysterical watching them trying to figure out how to negotiate it.

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Waddle, waddle, slide... :laugh:
we refer to that as frost =)
Kelly it was much more then frost. If you've ever seen any of the over passes or ramps in North Dallas - well some of them you can launch planes from. I worked from home until about noon - by then the sun had melted much of the ice. Today's drive was much worse. The Fog was terrible. I couldn't see 4 cars in front of me. Very scarey at times.

Beautiful pictures Jim
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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