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I've already shown you guys Peanut, but there are two other dogs that live here, plus two that regularly hang out. So here is what we loosely refer to as the Oak Creek Kennel Club.

I know I've already posted pics of Peanut, but she is my baby, and this is a Lab forum

And here is a picture of me with my Lab Shepard Mix Rachel who crossed the bridge in 2002. I no longer need the wheelchair.

This is Keri's dog Seamus. Seamus just showed up on her doorstep about three years ago. Someone told us he looks like a Hanoverian Hound. Keri looked up the breed and he does look like he has that in him. Sure barks like a hound.

Here is Keri.

This is Carolann's Eskimo Dog, Morgan.

And Carolann.

This is our friend Jill who visits often with her two mutts, Chief (left) and Shy (right). Both are rescues.
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