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I entered Amber over a 4 day agility event at Lake Irvine,Ca (Silverado). We competed in Open JWW Fri Sat and Sun and Excellent A STD on Fri Sat Sun and Monday. (Monday was Excellent only) Friday Amber fell off the dogwalk and landed on her shoulder and chin, so we stopped that run her JWW run was pretty good but she knocked a bar and then I pulled her offcourse by mistake so we had a NT. Saturday she Broke her startline stay in standard so I stopped our run, JWW I sent her to a wrong course tunnel. Sunday in STD she fell off the side of the teeter and landed on her chest on the teeter pivot, her JWW run was really nice but she missed the weavepole entry so we had an R but still ended up with a 4th place and a Q. Monday in STD I was babysitting her on every contact to slow her down. this was fine except that I rearcrossed the A-frame very late and Amber actually did a U-turn on the upside and came back down. We finished the rest of the course very well.
It has been about 14 months since she had her last Q in Open Jumpers after being off for about 10 months due to an elbow injury (soft tissue). I am very happy to just be able to run with her, after her injury I wasn't sure she would ever run agility again. I realize that I am very lucky to be able to step to the startline with her, and am never going to take that for granted.

Kelly and Amber
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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