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Otter is the 1 1/2 year old in for boarding. He and Thumper (one of my pups that was here the whole time Otter has been here (for boarding) up until Saturday) were BESTEST friends. They played bitey face for hours. Well, Thumper went home Saturday and now Otter is very unhappy. I have never seen a dog react quite like this. I have to put a leash on Otter to get him outside and to get him to go for a walk. If I take it off he runs back for the house and sits on the doorstep. If I am far enough away from the house and I stop walking, Otter just sits there and I have to grab his collar and drag him for a few feet or he will just sit there until I walk out of sight (which I do not want to do in case he bolts for parts unknown).

Poor Otter, I hope he cheers up some. Hoss tried to play with him today and Otter would have nothing to do with it. The only thing that helped a bit was putting Otter in the outdoor run for about an hour, When I let him out at least he ran around for a few seconds until he went and sat on the doorstep....:(:(
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