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Orson & Tank's Old Stuffies + puppy belly :)

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He gets lost on the big Orvis bed with all the toys. The last one cracks me up. Trying to sleep like his big brother.

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LOL!!! Think you have enough toys there Sandie?? :laugh:

Love when they sleep belly-up!! :D
Reminds me of the closet scene in E.T.

I think your spoiling him. Was that in the contract? LOL ;)
:laugh: Look at all those toys! Abbey would be in heaven rolling around in them all... :D
Gorgeous ... !!! He definitely blends in with his stuffies!

And I think spoiling is all part of owning a lab.... LOOKIT that face? How could you NOT spoil? :gum:
See I think that's how you get away with toy destruction ! Overkill !

They just can't decide which one to chew next so they give up ! That is the only reason that I can think !
I hope Orson never discovers the joy of destuffing.
How in the world can you have all those stuffed toys with two Labs in the house!!!!! We haven't been able to have a stuffed toy around here in over a year.

Cute boy....very cute!

I thought the same thing...He looks like E.T. hiding in the closet. :laugh:
Oh Sandie! They are too stinking cute together!!!!!!! :D :-* :D :-*
Aww so sweet and spoiled!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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