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Well after going 5 for 5 in Open A we had an NQ today. She did all the exercises with decent scores but was a bit lethargic today. We got into the ring much later almost 2pm and it was a bit hotter today. I knew before we stepped into the ring that she was dragging and tried to pep her up before our turn. She was just kinda there but didn't have her usuall Zing. As they call for groups she starts looking for a place to pee but before she can we are called into the ring. I am thinking this isn't going to go well. She made it 2 minutes and 50 seconds into the sit then laid down, scratch our perfecct record in Open..lol She did the down fine then as soon as we got out of the ring she peed..lol so at least that was OK. Well I wasn't going to show her again in obedience till she is trained in Utility so its not too much of a disapointment. So now I need to go get a tie down board for her and start training some new things. ..Oh and her score would have been a 194.5 if really bad heeling.
well at least I learned a few things that should help me prepare for teaching utility and things I need to work on. It was a long day since I stewarded all day.

Kelly and Amber
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