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Oops, poor Milly! I wonder if she has any regrets. I bet not. :D

We got a free food bin from Eukanuba back when we used to feed that, and it's great. It has a lid and two handles that flip up and over the top of the lid to hold it down. They're quite stiff, I don't think there's any way the dogs would be able to get it open. They haven't succeeded yet anyway, and it's right there in the kitchen taunting them all day.

Back when my in-laws lived on a farm, they used self-feeders for the sheepdogs who lived out the back. The self-feeders were an ingenious invention by my FIL, created out of a length of pipe, maybe about 1.5m long and 20cm diameter. The bottom of the pipe had a curve like a u-bend. Food was poured in the top of the pipe and the weight of this would push the food up into the u-bend and the dogs could eat as much as they liked from there. Not being labradors, they only ate as much as they needed at a time. Of course, whenever we went to visit, the first thing the labradors would do was run out the back and start gorging themselves on the self-feeders. Goodness only knows how much they ate before we caught them.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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