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This happened in the MIDDLE of the city (just outside of our town). It's not like the restaurant is in a rural spot surrounded by forest. It has hotels, businesses, and other restaurants around it.


Unexpected Valentine’s dinner guest; Ryan’s diners served a ‘shocking surprise’
February 14, 2009

Neal Wagner

Valentine’s Day diners at Ryan’s restaurant near the intersection of Highway 45 and Highway 82 Saturday night received a “very shocking” surprise.

“All I heard was ‘pow,’ and then I just hit the ground,” laughed Columbus resident Alvin Gross.

Gross was dining with his wife, Mary, and several friends at about 6 p.m. Saturday when a full-grown doe smashed through a small window, approximately 3 feet by 4 feet, on the northeast corner of the restaurant.

The deer, which weighed between 100 and 200 pounds, came through the window, landed in a woman’s lap and then began running through the restaurant, Gross said.

“We were actually sitting a few feet away from the window when the deer came smashing through,” Gross said. “It actually landed on a lady near the window, but I don’t think she was seriously hurt.”

The deer remained in the restaurant for about 10 minutes before Columbus police officers, city firefighters and ambulance crews were able to chase the deer out of the building. After it exited the building, the deer ran southeast toward a Highway 82 on-ramp before responders lost sight of the animal.

“I believe we transported four people total to the hospital,” said Columbus Fire Department Station 1 Battalion Chief Ricky Graves. “Nobody had any serious injuries, though. It was all just minor cuts and scrapes and things like that.”

After restaurant employees realized the deer was in the building, they quickly evacuated the more than 100 people who were dining in the restaurant in order to clear a path for emergency personnel.

“The restaurant was definitely pretty crowded,” Mary Gross said. “It’s definitely one way to spend Valentine’s, I guess. It was definitely an unexpected visitor, to say the least.”

“I’ll tell you one thing; I sure was glad when that deer ran out of our dining room,” Alvin Gross laughed. “In my mind, it was a shotgun blast. I just heard the smash and immediately thought someone had shot at the building from outside. That’s exactly what it sounded like.”

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something similar happened to my ex's uncle's shop in tennessee....deer ran straight through the glass windows.
Maybe I should have put Only in the South for the title. :p

I couldn't imagine sitting there having dinner and have a deer land in my lap suddenly. :eek:

I do hope the doe is okay though. 82 isn't a very good highway for deer. :( There's wooded areas around the majority of it, and that restaurant is not too far from the outskirts of town, which is very rural.
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