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One of the best things about Easter Sunday Evening

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Easter Sunday leftovers. Mmmmm.
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I'm with you! Was just thinking about heading downstairs for some ham!
Do it! You won't regret it.
Ooooh. Enjoy some for me. We went to my inlaws, so no left overs here. But I am snacking on chips and dip. ;)
Yum, I love leftovers.

We had a honey-baked ham as we decided to keep it easy. We sent left overs home with everyone so we can all snack. Just had my first piece of cheesecake still have to try the pineapple cheesecake.
I had Easter dinner at my nephew's house. His wife sent me home with a very nice goodie bag. Honestly there was lots and lots of great food, and wonderful company.
Anyone have leftovers to share? We didn't go anywhere to celebrate and grilled hamburgers. Woo.
Just hubs and I this year, I actually made a pot roast, I know I know, it was suppose to be ham. But neither of us our big fans of ham, so I decided to go against tradition! It was a great dinner, and yes lots of left overs- that is until DD and her boyfriend came by ::)-oh well guess we have enough for lunches tomorrow ;)- Hope you all had a great Bunny day!
i'm not eating any more, my feet are swollen enough from the ham as is.
I am sooo full right now, I cannot even begin to think of leftovers yet.

(and we didn't even have dinner) :-\
No leftovers for me. :( The whole family met for Easter Brunch yesterday at a restaurant, so no one had to cook. It was a great idea. Food was terrific, no prep time, no dishes. But.....
No leftovers here. First time in a bazzilion years we did not have Easter dinner at home. :'(

We had a nice restaurant dinner, but it's not the same as Easter dinners past.
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