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One more rant about Esteemed Colleague...

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You can take me at my word or not -- I'd love to wack her in the head with a can of V8 cocktail juice, knocking her into a nearby flowerbed!!

Friday, I finished a HUGE project -- one that, when I was sick for 2 days earlier in the process, she let sit. As in didn't lift a FINGER to help along. And so last week, I was skipping lunches and working late to ensure the deliverable was on time.

Okay, in that period, a second project came in. I deferred it to her -- a) I was up to my armpits in Project A and b) this second project is due April 27, when I'm away in Orlando.

She fussed and futzed and "started" it (Ahem).

Yesterday, bosslady asked her to oversee the posting of a few files on the company Website. She hemmed and hawed, not sure how long it would take, said she had to go to lunch first, etc. etc. etc. AND SHE THEN DUMPED PROJECT 2 IN MY LAP. "I'm not going to get to it. I've got these files to post. Blah-blah-blah....

I saw the 'effort' she expended already. Ahem! Basically, I had to start all over again.

I'm slogging through now. It's okay, I guess. Beats sitting around twiddling my thumbs and humming 'it's a small world after all' 'til we leave for vacation.

BUT - She's done w/her file-posting. And is now, while I'm trying to work, she's chuck-chuck-chuckling over amusing (non-work related) news items: "Wow! A truck hit a minivan on the NJ Turnpike. Gee, there's a Star Trek convention coming to Cherry Hill. Adolph Menjou would have been 190 years old today... Heh-heh-heh. Ho-ho-ho."


I cannot wait to hand this back. It's yours now, sweetie. Have fun; I'm outta here.
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I'm so glad all my work is independent and not shared by my evil coworker!
Are you going to fling Project #2 back to her? You should.
Dan, does Bosslady know what's going on? Doesn't seem fair to you that she gets away with this crap.
I love Adolph Menjou. I'm assuming you made that one up cause if she really said that and knows who he is, then I'm going to have to like and respect her a little bit and I'd hate to do that. :)
I do beleive I would do the least amount of work on it possible but still make you look busy until the day before you leave then give it back to her.
Man o'man,that's pretty pathetic. I would've given up by now. We have been in a business slump for a few years and things have been quiet. We have a couple of people here that are real comfortable doing nothing. Whenever I have to ask them to do something, I get flack and excuses. I gave up asking. The CEO doesn't mind shelling out 100 K in salaries for these 2 nitwits to hang out all day. I just do what I can,when I can, and if the bossman doen't like it, he can kiss my lily white ass.
Bosslady has no idea.

Bosslady doesn't give a fig, except if deliverables are late.

Which is why Bosslady also doesn't know that Esteemed Colleague did things while I was drowning on Project 1 last week like sit and work Sudoku puzzles and Cryptograms.

I just had a conversation w/her. There's a Project 3 in-house that we're not sure is going to come to fruition. I just said to her, "Well if it does and we're on the hook for it, that's your baby, too. I'll be on vacation while Project 2 AND Project 3 come due. And if it's NOT our responsibility, you can look for at least half of Project 2 to come back to you because I'm not working on this one alone."

She muttered an okay and stalked off to get coffee.
Do you have a camera phone? I wanna see what EC looks like.
Oh - I would have to hit her. Swat upside the head would just not say enough :p
Good job o putting it back to here - she'll get it eventually when she gets shat on fornot delivering while you are on vacation!
Wow...sounds like some piece of work! :-X

Any photos??
ROFL! ;D :D :laugh: :D

Ok now I need to get some paper towel to wipe the iced tea I just spewed out of my mouth :laugh:
I'd have carried it over and dumped it on her desk by now!! :D
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