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this time from our stairwell.

The tapestry was my Christmas gift the year we lost Mick. We were waiting to hang it until the hall and stairwell were painted (Ken finished that last week). Right next to that is this shadowbox with Mick's awards. The only awards missing are Beannie Babies and a folding water dish he won with the blue ribbons. Those are in this really cute heart shaped curio table we bought last year. Samantha likes to play with the Beannie Babies when she's here, so I didn't put them in the box. Oh- the little dog in the box is a stuffed yellow Lab magnet that I re-stuffed with some of Mick's undercoat. Kole took it to his HS graduation in his pants pocket.

This is the picture the tapestry was made from:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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