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Olympic Torch

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Well Barrie was the last spot for the night on the 29th, and the city had a fairly large celebration, but I just couldn't drag myself down town in the absolutely freezing cold.

Anyhoo I get into work at 7:00 this am. Complete my early morning stuff and all of a sudden I hear music and clapping.

What's up? The torch was on it's departure route from the city (heading towards North Bay tonight) and the transfer station was right across from my office.

So the torch passed right in front of me.

Way cool :D

Oh and "Go Canada Go"
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My daughter got up at 6:00 AM to see it run in Ajax just before Christmas. She is heading back to Thunder Bay for school where she will see it again. I wish I got up to see it. She said it was just amazing to see.
It passed through here on the 20th, we just happened to be in car. Hubby took this pic

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The torch is coming to my town on January 15th. Yay! We've been getting ready for it for over a month now... Should be fun!
it'll be here Saturday! I hope i get to see it!
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