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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Haven't been around in over a year, but have been looking in, here and there. Below are pictures of my girls Mckenzie (lab) will be three in March and has been my best friend for the last three years. I really can't imagine life without her, I love this pic of her all snuggled up in bed :-*. I recently adopted another little girl her name is Madeline, aka: Maddie or Muffin head. She is 6months old and is a french bull dog pug mix. They get along beautifully although Maddie tends to think she's bigger than Mckenzie ;) I really appreciated the tips, info and camaraderie that I received here when Mckenzie was a puppy and now since bringing Maddie home I've used it all again. Congrats to all those with new little ones and prayers for all who are needed. Look forward to getting to know you all again. I really need to get better at this, lol.
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Welcome back!
Cute pic of Mckenzie. And congrats on the addition of Maddie.
Welcome back! Looking forward to more posts and PHOTOS!!! :D

Hi Welcome Back! Can't wait to see more pics of Mac and Maddie.
Hi. Welcome back. Looking forward to more pictures of your two cuties. :happy:
Hi, and welcome back :happy:
HI good to hear from you again. Sweet dogs :-*
Welcome back - you've got a couple of cuties!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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