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Oh Fagina....

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...that hair they just showed in the "up next" before the commercial...OH MY GOSH! i'm cringing just thinking about what he's going to sing
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ME TOO!!! I got up and ran to the computer. I can't watch him another week...I just can't.
Gwen is having a hard time keeping a straight face...

WTF with that hair!!!
he's done now. forgot the words!
what's the genre tonight?

It's only 2:30 here...
Not sure. Thought it was 90's pop, but the first singer did a 70s song.
lmfao!!!! omg brooke that is beyond hysterical :p

Simon: "I don't even think it matters what we say anymore...you're in your own universe"
ohhhh gosh now i can't stop laughing
Here I am on the laptop I couldn't resist. He looks like he has a roached mane.
if he stays on american idol, i'm definitely boycotting. howard stern has a link that lists sanjaya's idol phone number and gives people hints about how to make your phone call count. i thought the bigger guy at the beginning was really good but simon said he was awful. i think he sang a "police" song. sanjaya has to realize how horrible he is. simon and paula continue to be nice to hime every week. UGGGG.
wait.. you're talking about someone named.. er.. fagina? Seriously?
zoesmom said:
what's the genre tonight?

I think it was basically Gwen Stefani's favorites. A few people sung her songs, but most sung random other songs.
Excellent. Can hardly wait to see this. Plan is to ride exercise bike while watching--now I know it will be good!
If he makes another round, I'm done. Well, I'll probably peek, but this is crazy ridiculous. With the attention Howard Stern and that stupid website are getting; they could take him to the top 2!! I don't see Idol letting him "win", but you never know.
No kidding- this is crazy!

I'd hate to pay his psychiatrist bill after all of this is over. Yikes!
I don't think the kid's voice has even changed yet!! LOL
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