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You will probably have to request that the vet radiograph ("x-ray") the elbows in addition to the hips if getting films done for OFA. It isn't an automatic assumption, and since many different breeds need many different types of joint films for OFA (labs are obviously one of the most commonly done), make sure you ask to have both hips and elbows. Anything with "OFA" in the purpose with regards to radiographs/x-rays is sent into OFA. If they aren't, then they aren't "OFA Films" and shouldn't be advertised as such.

You may very well have an idea of how everything looks that same day, but the only ones who can make that final OFA "grade" is OFA itself (the finals are read by 3 different board-certified veterinary radiologists to come up with the grade).

Are you doing this for breeding purposes or for information for long-term joint health and performance activities? That would have a lot to do with whether or not I would A) send them in and B) wait until getting final results before proceeding any further. In the cases of both A) and B), I would absolutely answer YES! if considering breeding, but obviously OFA hips/elbows are only a small part of the breeding puzzle in any one particular dog.

As far as the "sling" concept, the only thing I can think of is that perhaps they're referring to the modified "kneeling" position that they're using for that new DNA study for Hip Dysplasia (though I doubt this is what the vet is talking about)?
Otherwise, perhaps it is some sort of contraption that holds the legs in a certain way when actually taking the film? If taken on an awake animal, I absolutely would not trust any "contraption" holding the legs... with humans holding, they can release or loosen their grip or modify a position if the animal is struggling. If any sort of "contraption" is holding limbs, a struggling animal could end up severely injured by struggling against something that doesn't "give" to pressure.
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