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Some people with out dogs see the pet food recall as something that doesn't affect them, however it turns out that some of the contaminated dog food was feed to pig/hog farms and now there is a recall in at least 6 states of hogs. Some of the hogs have already tested positive for melamine and several hog farms have been quarentined.
I know two of the states were california and new jersey I will look up the others in a bit. Hogs are one of the few animals that help our enviroment by eating alot of waste food. most any food that is slightly defective gets fed to hogs.
I don't think that the levels that would be in bacon or other meat parts would be deadly to humans, but still...would you want your child to eat hog meat posibly contaminated with Melamine? I would definately avoid pig kidneys though... I wonder what they will do with the pigs that are contaminated? will the render them for dog food? Just a thought.
And ironically this might just even get some rawfed dogs..

Kelly and Amber
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