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We had a big day today!

Let me preface by saying we are doing the classes twice a week in order to get done before our move so our practice time during the week is nothing near where I would like it to be. So when we went to class today, we got a great surprise when practicing our 'Leave it' command. We were using a cookie as bait for Harley and after about the third time, Harley got it down and we moved on. Later in the lesson, we sat the same cookie down on the floor and he took one look at it and turned around and walked away from it. This seemed to please the instructor to no end and she was practically gushing about how special a moment that was. :) She must have gone on for 5 minutes talking about how quickly he learned that. Good Harley!

Sitting is automatic now and Down and Look are coming along. Walking on the leash is doing better and we learned a bit about what she called Doodling on our walks. Stay needs a LOT of work. He's just so eager, it seems he can't sit still and mom and dad's lack of talent don't help. ;)

An interesting thing, when practicing doing Down, she held the treat out for him and went through the motions, and you could just SEE him being stubborn and testing her to see if she would give him the treat without him performing. It was like a contest of wills, but finally he relented and went down. She won...

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