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We had such a GREAT night last night..I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice. :D

I stayed up until 1;45am in case my hubby called, finally gave up and went to sleep and he called at 2:30 am. YAY :) Talk for 20 or so minutes and then go back to sleep, wake up at 4:30am to Jake puking in my bed...yum. Get clean sheets and give Jake some water and put him in his crate and go back to bed. Phone starts going off at 8 am...so I am a little tired today!

Ok well after all that I am wondering do you think he could have vomited from the nylabone? There was nothing unusual in his barf except what looked like little chunks of the nylabone--and some stomach acid..or whatever its called. He's been acting fine since then, eating, pooping, drinking, peeing. We even went outside to play at the dog park for a good while. Tonight though he seems kind of sad :( Took his temp and it's fine...? I am hoping hes just tired from his romping with the other dogs, and hes not used to the warmer weather yet....

Sorry my posts are always so long :p
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