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NLR so posting here. My friend needs help with her dog!

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They were at the dog park today and afterwards their dog started limping. They looked at her paws and noticed that both front pads have bits ripped off them so she has big round raw circles and she's limping and licking at them.
Anyone have any suggestions to help them? They rang the vet and all the vet said was to take her in for observation so I though I'd ask you lovely folk first.

thanks so much!
Cheers Sarah
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Tell them to go to the chemist & get a tube of Bepanthen nappy rash ointment. Sounds stupid I know but my vet gave me a tube for Holly when she had a stubborn eczema like rash on her leg one time. I had been treating her with Pyohex ointment from the vet & it was only the Bepanthen that finally cured her. Like the others said, make sure the feet are clean first. The best thing is a mild saline solution.

They might have to make an Elizabethan collar for her to stop her licking the ointment off. I made this one for Holly from a $5 wastepaper basket.

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