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I have been working with my dog the last couple of nights at Petsmart. Using distractions, and such while staying inside where it is warm. Well it never seems to amaze me when I see someone trying to handle their dog, and failing miserably at it. Tonight there was this white shepard in the store. This dog had a prong collar on, and still yanking the owner all around the store. He was using every word in the book, Heal, Whoa, you name it. The dog had no clue what any of the words meant, and obviously the prong collar wasn't working either. Everytime he passed another animal, the dog lunged for it. Of course the owner had no control. I kept thinking, that with a little training the dog might not be so bad. Yet what amazed me even more, is why was he out at Petsmart with a dog that needed a lot of work. He needs to start with the basics of walking on a lead.

Oh did I mention, her name was Angel. Angel she wasn't....lol!
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