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Nicole (and anyone else that is reading this)....

Your little man Riley is doing well in New York....seems to be turning into a city boy rather fast.... ::) Here is an email from his new owner:

Hey Dani,
Riley is becoming part of the family very quickly...

He snuggles under our covers at night. He breathes on me @ 5.30 in the morning to remind me that it is time for breakfast... (He is the cutest alarm clock). He helps me wake the children... The 11 year old hates to get out of bed, so Riley jumps on his bed and lays on him... or he nibbles on his feet to wake him. The 4 year old is like a huge toy... he chases him around and the little one shares his snacks (and vegetables).

He has adapted well.. A few accidents but that is to be expected.....He has a few friends... My sister brings her dog over (45 lb pound Wheaton Terrier) They run around until they are out of breathe. Riley talks to the yellow lab next door... And my son's friend has a female yellow lab... but she is a little timid so we limit play time... Riley is definitely a little bossy with friends.

Riley is very smart. He will sit, lay down, roll over and give paw.... He can also open a box of crackers and steal anything on the counter when I am not looking (He enjoyed a little Corned Beef on St. Patty's day).

He is most definitely MY baby.... He stays with me at ALL times....We took him to Petco once, but he still pulls a little...I am going to get him in an obedience class in April.. He loves to play fetch, at least the running after the ball part... He is getting better with the give... The kids like to run around in the back with him... but they are learning he is very strong.. Riley is respectful of the kids and will sit for the 4 year old....

Anyway.... Thank you for our cute, slobbery pup!
Ri-Ri is doing good. ;D
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