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new york breeders

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Hi everybody,this is my first post,glad to be here.I have an 8 year old son and I'm currently looking to bring home a lab puppy to add to our family.Can anybody recommend a trustworthy breeder in the New York ,Tri state area?.Thanks in advance.
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A good way to locate a reputable breeder is to check out your local breed club. Usually they have breeders listed on their site. From there you would need to contact these people and ask to meet them and their dogs. They will have lots of questions for you of course.

I saw in your other post that you are looking for a dog for your child with autism. Have you considered an older dog (like 2-3). Lab puppies can be challenging and take a long time to mature.
Thanks BigBrownDog,I'll look into that.I appreciate your suggestion for my son,but he has his heart set on a yellow lab puppy,we're up to the challenge.Thanks again.
There are several members here from LI. One of them may have a breeder suggestion.
Contact Leslie at Forestwood Labs


She can recommend someone reputable.
Thanks Labby,I'll be contacting them.
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