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Hi and welcome! And congratulations on your new puppy. Bob answered your questions really well. On the ones he didn't answer:

3. Definitely let the kitty set the terms of engagement. Lab puppies are little Tasmanian devils, and if you have a normal cat, this is going to seriously freak her out. In general, you are going to keep your puppy in your sight, and will crate or otherwise confine her when you can't watch her. So the cat should have the opportunity to come visit on her terms. At first I would make sure that the cat has a room or several rooms where the puppy is not allowed, so she has territory all her own that isn't ruined by a foul-smelling dog. :) I would not bring the cat to visit the dog, nor the other way around--just let the cat come when she's ready. After six years, our cat will snuggle up on the bed right next to our dog, but she still doesn't really like him and will smack him in the face if he gets too close.

4. Dogs are diurnal--they're most active at dawn and dusk--but as Bob said, they're adaptable. I think you should expect that your pup will most want to eat, eliminate, and play first thing in the morning and as the sun goes down, but they certainly have no trouble sleeping all day as long as they get lots of attention and stimulation at other times!

So, if I could ask, what books have you been reading and which ones have you found useful?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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