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I am a huge fan of labradors - wanted one all my life but life did not permit I guess - I finally got a gorgeous guy last year from a local breeder - Zak - but we lost him at 4 months of age. It appears he ingested something - the vet suspects a frog - and he didn't make it.

Needless to say the completely tore me up, and I refused to get another dog. Then my hubby took me to another breeder (we were on the way home from the beach and he surprised me a little) and I fell head over a heels for a little guy - very very different from Zak in every way - though both yellow labradors - but I couldn't resist.

So now I have Ares (son of Zeus - that's his father's name) - and he is a wonderfully affectionate, messy, delighfully annoying member of our family :)

He entered a household aready filled with my husband and I, two little girls, a rescued rottweiler and 2 pompeks (the pompeks are really my in laws' pets) - and he fit right in - and made our family even happier!

Looking forward to talking to you guys on the other boards, and to getting some pics on here as well.
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