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New Lab...Charlie

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Well, we finally did it. He came home Sunday...a two year old male black loveable lab! WE have been without a lab now since August when our beloved Abby (yellow) died quickly in the night. We hemmed and hawed if we should get a puppy, went back and forth and then on my lunch hour I went into the local shelter (I work right next door to it). There he was...a pure black lab, given up by his owner because he didn't have time to train him...well, his loss or stupidy was OUR gain! Charlie is sooo awesome! He knows basic commands, sit, down, etc...he is soo goofy (anyone who has a lab knows thats a compliment). He is crate trained and seems to be house trained...his ONLY issue is he likes to get on my NEW couch (no no)...and he's a bit of a runner...though we can tackle that with the leash. At any rate I just wanted to share my news...he is sooo funny and loveable! I just want to get OUT of my office and go home and play with him....
Just wanted to share. Hopefully I'll have lots of stories to share with my fellow lab lovers very soon!

Dianne mom to Charlie Black...
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Congratulations on getting Charlie!!! Pictures PLEASE!! :)
Yes, Pics PLEASE!!! Congrats!
Welcome to the forum! :)

Congratulations on your new lab! Yes we wanna see Charlie! :D

Awwww your Abby girl looks so sweet. What a beautiful girl she was. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. :'( :angel:
Aww!! Congratulations on your new addition!! ;D

Welcome home, Charlie! :)
Congrats on your new addition; can't wait to see pics too!!
Welcome home charlie hope you have lots of fun with your new mummy and daddy :) :) :)
So glad you rescued a pup!! Congrats on your new addition and a big welcome to Charlie!!
HOORAY!!! How lucky for both of you!! Thanks for rescuing him. Pictures are next. Soon. Well????? where are they??? ;D ;D
Congrats!! He sounds great! But where are the pictures??? lol.
Congrats on your new addition! And lots of pictures, please..;)
Welcome to the Forum and Welcome Home Charlie!

Sounds like you got the best of the deal. I also vote lots of pictures too.
That is wonderful - welcome home Charlie!
He sounds wonderful!! Welcome to you and Charlie Black!
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