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New dog on the street

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Names Chutney, he's a black and tan coonhound.

Lord help me. I thought Rhys was a mouthpiece. I think I'm losing my marbles. Hope he settles in real soon...:eek:

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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LOL! love those hounds, particularly the ***** but man on man I could not imagine having one next door!
Yeah Tanya, I feel like throwing my ham bone from Xmas over the fence...might keep him quiet a little ;)
Don't expect him to be quiet anytime soon. I had a Treeing Walker **** Hound in my neighborhood growing up. Fortunately, I enjoyed the sign song quallity of his constant, endless baying.
Cute name...! *mails Melissa a package of industrial-strength earplugs*
Hounds are cute! We almost got a hound, until hubby found out they are not a quiet dog. Then he vetoed me.
does a white noise machine block out baying? LOL! a ham would be too short term ;)
Good thinking Tanya, I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

He's really super friendly, and he's neutered, and loves my guys, but egads...are you freaking kidding me? We don't even have '*****'.
I sympathize with you.

The house behind us got a pup early last spring. It was always left outside. First it was tied out, then they fenced in their (small) patio and added a doghouse. :mad: The poor dog never got any attention and constantly barked and yelped. Suddenly, around Thanksgiving, we stopped hearing it. Have no idea what happened to it. :(
Thing is Jackie, he is an inside dog...I hear him through the walls! Of course its louder when he's outside, but I do hear him inside.
Oh my gosh! From inside...how do they stand it? That would drive me insane! Is he a puppy? Maybe he will outgrow it...
He's 6.

Cierra my BR's harrier loves to bay once in a while thank goodness she is a really quiet for a hound.

I wish you luck....maybe they need to leave the TV or radio on for him.
Yikes! We had a couple of those and a bunch of beagles boarding at the kennel I worked at over 4th of July.. we all wore earplugs that weekend. :)
I'm glad I don't live next to Chutney! ;)
Got my fingers crossed her settles in and quiets down for you, and his owners sanity! :D
Thing is Jackie, he is an inside dog...I hear him through the walls! Of course its louder when he's outside, but I do hear him inside.
How does his owners stand it inside!!?? There are some folks who live out in the county across from the college who have one...I see them out with him all the time..but that dog barks ALL the time! It would drive me nuts!
Hubby's snoring drives me bonkers I couldn't imagine having to listen to any hound! :eek:
Have you had a full moon yet? :D

A couple of years ago I took Freckles to train at Fly Ball. The lady ran a **** Hound rescue and had 15 or so in kennels in her barn. We were there late one evening as the sun began to set and you have never heard such a cacophony of sounds emanating from that barn. Fortunately she did not have any nearby neighbors.
OMG! you hear him from INSIDE his house! EEK!
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