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Nervous: Update at bottom

Hey all. Just got back from vacation. :)

Hubby apparently is swamped at the office and doesn't think he can make Remy's obedience class tonight. I'm not sure I can handle him. I don't know what to do. I really want to take him. Especially since they are working on Stay tonight...but I don't want to have rotator cuff surgery tomorrow.

Not sure what to do....
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There are 2 types of Gentle Leaders -- one is the head halter type and the other is called the GL Easy Walk, a torso harness.

MANY dogs HATE the head halter type, maybe 20-35% have such an intense reaction (constant pawing trying to get it off, etc.) or personallity change that it can't be used, about 40% react against it but adapt to tolerating it enough that it can be used, and maybe 20-30% adapt to it without much or no difficulty.

My Puff is in the middle group.

Although I kept the over-the-muzzle strap SO loose that I could almost instantly lift it off or put it back on for only those times when maximum control was needed (it was OFF 97% of the time) it quickly began prematurely aging the hair pigment under the muzzle strap. This aging, whiter color is quite noticeable in my siggy picture below.

We went to the GL Easy Walk and found it equally effective for control when walking BUT FAR more easily tolerated. It takes longer trial and error to get all the adjustments optimum but it's worth it. And I didn't find the pigment aging reaction.

Guess which type I strongly recommend and which I strongly disrecommend?

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