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I live in an old home with 5 apts (i am in the basement). I just talked to my upstairs neighbour who said my foster barks alot, and more particularly, has barked ALL DAY the last three days while I was at work (he noted they were quite surprised at his stamina for going at it all day!).

So after thanking him and apologizing (he's really great about my fosters!) - I need a plan.

Ryley was left in the main living area and Rocky was in my bedroom. My new plan is to have both dogs together in the main living area (the only reason they were seperated is my boy gets a kong and I prefer to avoid issues but i will either give both a konng or not give any kong) AND have the radio on.

Any other tips or suggestions on how to handle this?

note - he does alarm barking when I am at home (when someone comes to do laundry or if my window is open and he hears someone talking) but I tell him to hush and all is well. He is NOT barking when I leave, nor is he barking when I return. On teh times I "check" at hte window he is not barking either. BUT I trust my neighbour - Ryley knows it is me opening the door and must hush up.
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