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Ash was unwell yesterday morning, she was a lethargic, vomited and when offered food she just went to sleep. So I took her straight to the vet and left her there for them to run some tests. This morning she had surgery to remove a stick from her intestines, it had perforated her intestines so she will be at the vets for a few days and has to be watched closely over the next few days for any signs of infection.

Ash is 9 years old and has never eaten anything non edible (but I guess everything is edible to a lab:p), she will eat anything dead and rotten but I have no idea why she would suddenly eat a stick:confused::confused:

Edited..........Have just been to the vets to visit Asha, she has had a big surgery and did not even react to me but is very drugged. Saw the stick which was actually a skinny looking twig!! It was about 10cm long and about the thickness of a match!!
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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