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Nance, How's Tudor Today?

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Just checking to see if you have any updates. Also want you to know that we're all thinking and prayer for the both of you.
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Thanks, Monnie. I was going to post the same. I doubt she'll get on here today though.

Nance, thinking of you both....please update us when you can.
Worried and wondering here too. Hope you can check in...
Thinking of you both.
Hoping all is well.....
I'd say DITTO, but that's a dirty word around here.....
Been praying and waiting for an update. Hope she's just at the hospital keeping Tud company!
I'd say DITTO, but that's a dirty word around here.....

rut roh - why is it a dirty word? I use it a lot. :(
Thanks for checking, all of you.

He is not doing well. He cannot swallow, his pupils are pinpointed, and his breathing is shallow and rapid.

I am still waiting to hear from the admitting attending physician. My information is coming from the nurses and my visits on Monday and Tuesday. I am not going there today... it would serve no purpose.

Yesterday morning he was extremely agitated, I could not understand his speech, and he is in bed restraints. A combative patient.

This is a nightmare like no other.
Oh no....sorry to hear this. Chin up...it will get better!
:( how horrible...hope he gets better soon. ((HUGS))
i'm sorry, nance. still sending up prayers for you both.
Oh Nance. :(

I hope you get some positive info soon. Prayers for you both....
Oh Nance. I'm so sorry. I hope some answers come soon.
Thanks for the update, Nance. Wish you had much better news. This is very strange -- never heard of anything quite like this............

Prayers and thoughts for all of you.

Please, keep us posted when you hear something.

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I am so sorry Nance, Prayers and Hugs to You and Tud.

Oh, man.... Tough going for both of you.

Wishing you strength.

I'm sorry, Nance.

I'll be thinking of you both. Take care of yourself.
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