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(Sorry there are no pics but mom forgot her camera Saturday)

Well we started out Friday night with some of my closet friends Huskey and Alex, they are my human friends that come to see me on the weekends. I like both of them because they always smell of other dogs, I spend a lot of time in Huskeys crotch. What can I say I am a crotch smeller :) Well just to let everyone know these HUMANs locked their selves out Friday night and I got full roam of the house while they were outside trying to get in.

Saturday Mom and Dad got up early so we could go play with my dog friend Bama. I also got to go swimming and I met a new dog named LADY. She is a Golden Retriever. Her owner gave me a pat on the head and a tummy rub. Then Dad and I ran around the pool and we played football and then I shook mud all over mom while she was laying by the pool. She didn't like that too much ;D. Then my grandfather and I played with the water hose. It was such a great day.

We would have stayed longer but mom got a little over heated by the pool and we had to leave. It was a great day though. I got a bath and I smelt so good and was so clean mom let me go lay down with her while she was trying to feel better. Which means we slept for four hours. Then we got up and got ready to go out. Except I didn't get to go on this adventure. But everyone came back to see me and stayed the night. Mom even let me play card games with them. It was great.

Sunday mom and I had a lazy day watching movies while dad played video games. I will ask mom to get the pictures of her and I up here soon.
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