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My Trip to the Park by Tal **lotsa pics!**

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My dad must really love me alot because he took me back to the park today. He said since it is still cool (35 deg) he wanted to take me again!

I knew we were going somewhere fun 'cuz he puts my stuff in his book bag.

We get to the park and I noticed he hesitated a sec and I couldn't figure out why.He got me out of the Jeep then unbuckled my leash and let me walk off leash today! There were no peeps around and we were in the middle of the park. He must really trust me too 'cuz I know he watches out for me. I stayed close by too and didn't get too far away. When I thought dad was too far away I caught up.

he yelled at me once and said get outta that! Thats what he does when I am into something he thinks is bad for me. gee Whiz it was some really tasty horse poop. He muttered something about how he was glad I havent finished my antibiotics yet, whatever and antibiothingy is. I hid one of the balls from dad and he looked all over and could not find it. When we were walking back to the Jeep I got it! hahaha dad wishes he could smell out stuff like me!

Dad is kinda slow tho..I had to wait for him at the car. ::)

Before I take my nap tho...here's the park looking north from where we were..

Looking south

Here I come dad!

Gonna get that ball...

not gonna let you have that ball dad...

Am I handsome or what!

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What a GOOOOOOOOD boy you are Tal! WTG! That looks like a wonderful park! :)
Oh Tal you are so big already, and your daddy should be so proud of you. Seems you both had a lot of fun. That looks like a wonderful park :)
Tal you have gotten so BIG!! Nice pics!!
WTG Tal, I'm sure Rush and Boo would have been just as thrilled with the horse poop as you were! Looks like you had a lot of fun.
Hi Tal...boy that looks like a fun place to play. You know...your dad does not know the delicacies like horse poop. I even like the deer poop but my dad gets mad & yells for me to "leave it." I don't understand why he yells either...that is some good stuff.

Looks like you had a fun day.

Your friend Molly. :)
What a great day you had Tal! I bet you loved running around off leash. Your dad must really love you, don't be too hard on him because he isn't very fast.
Hey Everybody...yeah it is a really nice park. I love goin there. I would have liked to go retrieve from the lake today but I think dad didn't wanna get wet and cold...my kinda weather tho!

I know my dad isn't the fastest human...but he was made to lift heavy things and not run fast..;)

I'm off for another nap...this runnin around off leash just wears me out..

Tal your park looks like the perfect place to play ball :) and YES you are handsome. Love your new siggy pic.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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