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My old lady Twiggy,

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I've told you how she is losing weight, blind, very, very hard of hearing and almost 17 yo. She has really lost weight, I can see her hip bones a little now. She still loves her snacks, and gets around ok, not great but ok. Today I came home and gave her her med in some chopped turkey boob er I mean breast. She ate it down, drank a little water, then walked into her bed and proceeded to throw it all up. She fell on her side and couldn't right herself and I grabbed her. She continued to gag and have the heaves but nothing was left in her little tummy. I changed her bedding, and wiped up her mouth and she is now resting in her bed. Here's the thing, I know her life isn't what it used to be when she could see and hear. I know she is frail and does still have some joyful times. But when do you know? I asked this before and she doesn't seem ready to give up but it's so hard to watch. Please help, any suggestions, encouragement would be appreciated.:( It's so hard to watch them get old. My heart is breaking, I swear.:(
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Poor little Twiggy, and you too. I can only echo what others have said...when it gets to be too much for them and when you question whether you are delaying that step because of you or because they still have quality of life. It is never, ever easy, but it is the last loving gesture we can make for our pups.
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