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Its Sam-wise all my labrapals!! My mommy can be a mean mommy!!

First she was being super nice and took me outside to play! Yay!!

THEN when I came up on the deck with her..do you know what she did?! Well I will tell you! SHE TOSSED ME IN THE HUGEST DRINKING BOWL EVER!!

I looked at her and said "Mom why are you putting me in the drinking bowl? It was nice and cool so I stood in there while I got a drink.

THEN my mommy TOSSED WATER ON MY FACE!! Why did she do that? That water is for drinking not playing in!

Then she laughed while I tried to get it off my face. She said "Sam-wise you are almost sixteen months old, its time for you to start acting like a lab."
I don't know what she meant like that, I'm all lab baby!! She said we're going to a lake maybe tonight or tomorrow. I don't know what I'm suppose to do there!!

So look out guys! If your mommy has a huge drinking bowl outside you might get tossed in!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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