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So they just opened the reservoir near here for the summer and I took Boo there for a little change in her walk routine and to see how she would do with an actual body of water. She had always been good for me with water jumping in the tub or shower any chance she gets and last weekend I had a kiddie pool out for her to splash in that she enjoyed but I was still a little nervous about how she would do someplace that she could actually swim.

Well silly me :) once we got down to the waters edge she was already jumping in and ready to go before I could even get her off leash.... Once I had her off she my 5 month old little girl was swimming like she had been at it for years. ;D

She had a good few hours swimming with some of the other dogs she plays with and had a good time chasing training dummies and balls before it was time for all of us to go.

Guess I won't have to worry about her being watter shy 8)
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