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About three years ago we inherited a pair [an 11 year old female (the Blackie Doggie) and an 8 year old male (the Big Doggie) both altered] of Labs (maybe not 100% Lab). Unfortunately, the Blackie Doggie died a year ago. I think the Big Doggie misses her. I know that I do. In any event, the Big Doggie has never liked other dogs and we have tried to limit encounters on walks. But that is a problem for sure. Since Blackie Doggie died, Big Doggie seems to have become more aggressive. He is a powerful dog and twice escaped my control. One event was when he jumped out of the back seat of the car through an open window. Within seconds he was on his victim. A more recent events occurred when he was able to pull me to the ground and escape the leash.

So I have decided to not walk him any more since I really can't be certain that I will be able to control his behavior. But this is indeed a sad state of affairs.

I have used a gentle leader with some success but I am really worried that he will injure his neck when he start lunging. Someone has recommended a muzzle. Maybe I will try that.

Any suggestions will be most welcome.

Blackie Doggie and Big Doggie are my first pets since my childhood about 75 years ago.

Many thanks in advance.

Neal Castagnoli
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